08th Apr2019

[wallpaper] April Blossom, always

by worrynet

1920*1200 desktop wallpaper

04th Mar2019

[wallpaper] Mom and Dad’s selfie.

by worrynet

1920*1200, desktop wallpaper

inspired from : https://twitter.com/GillianA/status/1098730551765319681 and https://twitter.com/GillianA/status/1101166307133833217

04th Feb2019

[wallpaper] Here comes the new year

by worrynet

The new lunar year comes to us with spring breeze.

desktop wallpaper. 1920*1200

05th Jan2019

[wallpaper] A Totally abnormal eclipse

by worrynet

A strange shadow makes a partial eclipse.

desktop wallpaper. 1920*1200

06th Dec2018

[wallpaper] Angel on the Top

by worrynet


Yes, the angel on the top looks a little bit weird…

01st Nov2018

[wallpaper] It’s a selfie time

by worrynet

inspired from this: https://twitter.com/GillianA/status/1056326982735224832

desktop wallpaper. 1920*1200.

And I made a TeePublic account!  https://www.teepublic.com/user/worrynet


03rd Oct2018

[wallpaper] All About Dana

by worrynet

inspired from https://twitter.com/GillianA/status/1045003902809239554

1920*1200 desktop wallpaper.


08th Sep2018

[ wallpaper] The sky is getting deeper…

by worrynet

The sky is not broken.

1920*1200 desktop wallpaper.